Chapter 694 - We’re Gonna Be Rich (Teaser)

Chapter 694 - We’re Gonna Be Rich

The sudden change in the tone caught Zi Ji off guard. Although he only looked like he was forty or fifty and there was not even a speck of white in his beard yet, his actual age had already surpassed the thousand mark. He possessed knowledge far beyond any normal human’s comprehension and had gone through a flow of time that a normal person would not be able to comprehend.

Hence, he was able to see through a person’s inner thoughts clearly which meant that it had been a long time since he had experienced any unexpected feelings… However, when facing this twenty-two year old youth who was standing in front of him, a youth who was several times younger than him, the intense gaze of this youth seemed to pierce through the depths of his heart.

Facing Yun Che’s gaze, he uttered with a bitter smile after a moment of short hesitation, “Such unbelievably astute observational skills… no, rather than calling it observational skills, it would be more fitting to call it… instincts?

“I admit, there was some personal agenda behind me telling you the information we had about Xuanyuan Yufeng. However, in what I’ve just said, there were no lies nor was there any ill intent directed at you. I only wished to do you a favor while simultaneously gifting Mighty Heavenly Sword Region an ‘unfathomable’ enemy.”

Yun Che laughed slightly, “I believe you. If I had really felt that you had ill intent, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of you so casually right now.”

Three years ago when he initially met Zi Ji, he only felt that his status was extraordinary, but now, the more he spoke with him, the more he felt that this person’s strength and status was probably unfathomable. He decided not to beat around the bush anymore as he took out his Profound Currency...

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