Chapter 693 - The Culprit Who Was Discovered Too Late (Teaser)

Chapter 693 - The Culprit Who Was Discovered Too Late

Yun Che stopped talking and slowly walked back, returning to his seat in front of Zi Ji.

“The matter involving Chu Yuechan, this old man really feels that…”

“Let’s drop the matter.” Yun Che raised his hand to stop him. Although his face remained calm, his eyebrows were still tightly knit together. “Regarding my request for the Black Moon Merchant Guild to search for Chu Yuechan, just cancel it now! As for payment, there is no need for me to pay you. You also don’t have to tell me about the so-called ‘result’ that you’ve obtained!”

“As for the fact that I badmouthed your guild previously, I retract whatever I said… but there’s one thing that I must say again…” In a determined manner, Yun Che said, “The fact that your guild cannot find her can only mean that that is the limit of your guild’s ability! She isn’t dead… definitely not!!”

Little Fairy, you’re definitely okay. Our child… is already four now… You all must be living peacefully at a very secure and secretive location… If our child is a boy, he must have already started learning how to protect you… If our child is a girl, she is definitely as beautiful as you...

Before I find you… even if the Sky Emperor himself were to say that you all are no longer in the human world, I would not believe him either!

“Hoho, this old man can only wish that everything...

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