Chapter 687 - Xiao Family’s Joy (Teaser)

Chapter 687 - Xiao Family’s Joy

“Could it be that, your strength... comes from endowment?” Yun Che asked in a low voice. When he had first met Jasmine, she personally said that she was thirteen years old. However, at that time, he was not truly cognizant of just how strong Jasmine really was. And as he scaled greater and greater heights, he became even clearer on just how terrifying Jasmine’s strength actually was. Even now, when he was strong enough to go toe to toe with a low level Monarch, he was still unable to fathom the limits of Jasmine’s power.

To have such terrifying power at the tender age of thirteen… if one were to tell him that it was done through personal cultivation, he really would not be able to accept that.

“That’s right, my strength does indeed come from endowment.” Jasmine replied in a manner that was totally out of Yun Che’s expectations. This was because this was a topic that she had never allowed Yun Che to ask about before, but right now, she replied in a very straightforward fashion, “But even though such a method as Profound Strength Endowment does exist, it is far more difficult than what you imagine it to be. In addition to its difficulty, the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for this method to work are exceedingly harsh. Even in my own world, the Profound Strength Endowment method might...

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