Chapter 683 - The “Old Man Duotian” of Legend (Teaser)

Chapter 683 - The “Old Man Duotian” of Legend

On the edge of Profound Sky Continent, in a place that was always peaceful.

“Everything you have said… it’s all true?”

WIthin a mysterious space that floated within the air, it was so quiet that it was as if everything was completely frozen. Underneath the gigantic Sun Moon Totem stood a tall person. He wore white clothes, and lacked any aura on his body; the light and darkness from the Sun Moon Totem shone onto his average face that lacked any unique features. He looked to be around thirty to forty years old, but his eyes contained incomprehensible deepness.

In front of him, the Sun Moon Divine Hall’s ninth elder, Ye Guying, had his head bowed low. He was trying his hardest to hold his aura, and even his breath in… Under the heavens, there was only one person that could make him act so subserviently.

The master of the Sun Moon Divine Hall… Ye Xinghan’s biological father… The person that was listed alongside the Saint Emperor, the Sovereign of the Seas, and the Sword Master as the current Four Hegemons… The one with the title of “Heavenly Monarch”—Ye Meixie!

Towards the doubt of the white-robed person, Ye Guying’s body subconsciously moved forward,...

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