Chapter 676 - Casting off the Calamity (Teaser)

Chapter 676 - Casting off the Calamity

The nineteen members of Sun Moon Divine Hall fled, entering the Sun Moon Sacred Ark in less time than it would take to utter a breath, lest the frightening black-robed old man suddenly changed his mind. Following the shutting of the ark’s door, the Sun Moon Sacred Ark shot into the horizon in a flash, disappearing amongst the boundless snowfall which only left behind a slowly dissipating frigid current in its wake.

When they had arrived, they had twenty people altogether, including the Young Master, four great elders, and fifteen formidable protectorates. They originally believed this line-up to be completely overkill, like using a butcher’s knife to slaughter a chicken. But shortly after they had arrived, they hadn’t been able to harm Yun Che in the slightest. Instead, they had lost one of their great elders. Moreover, having to retreat in such a state… their hearts continued to tremble with fear as their entire bodies were drenched in cold sweat until the Sun Moon Sacred Ark had flown several hundred kilometers away.

“They’ve left… they’ve finally left…”

The overbearing aura of a Monarch that had caused all those who felt it to tremble disappeared without a trace, and the surroundings which had previously been saturated with the aura returned to normal. Following the Sun Moon Sacred Ark’s panicked flight, the women of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace should have felt relieved,...

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