Chapter 640 - World Shaking Great Matter (2) (Teaser)

Chapter 640 - World Shaking Great Matter (2)

“You’re not allowed to interrupt!” Yun Che’s expression was severe, but he quickly continued by saying, “Aren’t you oh so great?! Your power waned as the days flew by, many of the Guardian Families and Duke Palaces betrayed you for their own selfish ambitions, and you contended against Duke Huai Palace for an entire hundred years… Even though it looked calm and tranquil on the outside, with Duke Ming pulling the strings all along, the fact that you could preserve the final dignity of the Demon Emperor’s clan for a whole hundred years was already the most impressive accomplishment in the history of the Illusory Demon Realm! And every single day that passed during this period must have been filled with difficulties, pressures, and nerve-wracking situations that are unfathomable by the common man…

“You managed to escape from Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley by a hair’s breadth. In addition, even though the first thing you did was complete your vengeance, you were also the one who took responsibility for the whole bloody affair of exterminating the entire Duke Huai Palace down to its very roots! Even though Duke Huai Palace could not be spared, in the process of burning up their very roots, a great deal of innocent people were killed as well. But there was no helping their deaths! For a truly ruthless and decisive ruler, he would slaughter them with no qualms at all. But for someone like you who basically...

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