Chapter 621 - Golden Annihilation (Teaser)

Chapter 621 - Golden Annihilation

The enormous crimson-black Fallen Devil Flame was like the devil’s mouth, pouncing and biting at Yun Che, who only had a single weak layer of flame profound energy, but on his sword, there was a pure gold blaze which was luminous to the point that it was hard to look at.

“Che’er, quick, retreat!!”

“Young Patriarch!!”

This was Duke Huai’s crazed, full-powered attack from losing control of his emotions. Even the Little Demon Empress from four months ago would have tried to avoid a head-on collision at all costs. Based on Yun Che’s strength, this kind of power would destroy him to the point that even a dismembered corpse would not be left, without any chance of escape. Mu Feiyan and Yun Waitian shouted themselves hoarse, desperately rushing forward, but they could not reach in time… they could only watch with their own eyes as a Fallen Devil Flame of at least ten feet completely engulfed Yun Che.

However, even though he was completely engulfed by the Fallen Devil Flame, that pure gold flame continued to radiate resplendently, as if it was not obstructed a single bit. Instead, the Fallen Devil Flame was actually outshined by the pure gold flames until it was dulled considerably.

What was even more shocking was that after being engulfed by the Fallen Devil Flames, the golden flame did not get extinguished like what people had imagined, it instead continued to move forward. It actually… cut the frantic flame originating from Duke Huai right in the middle!

Apart from the two foundation stages of the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》, every stage would have a corresponding Golden Crow Flame skill. Cultivating the seventh stage would enable one to comprehend an incomparably strong...

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