Chapter 614 - Blood Calls for Blood (Teaser)

Chapter 614 - Blood Calls for Blood

The ones who accompanied Duke Huai into the great hall were all members of Duke Huai Palace, and even though there were only one hundred of them, if one counted merely the Sovereigns alone, there were already twenty of them. This extravagant display of power caused even the strong Guardian Families to tremble in fear. In the past few years, the power that Duke Huai Palace displayed was enough to shock anyone, but only in the recent months did everyone realize that the power Duke Huai Palace had displayed before was only the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, in these recent months, even more powers and strong individuals had thrown their lot in with Duke Huai Palace, so no one could truly imagine just how great their power was this day.

Following Duke Huai’s ascension to Emperor Huai, Duke Huai Palace had naturally become to the “Emperor Palace”, and the aura of every single member of Duke Huai Palace underwent a massive change. Hui Ran and Hui Ye followed along as well; their gazes were as arrogant as those of lone eagles who considered themselves above all others. Because their current status was a world apart from what it had been before. From today onwards they would be royal princes of the Illusory Demon Realm! The entire Illusory Demon Realm would come under the subordination of their clan!

Duke Huai stood in front of the emperor’s throne, and under the gazes of the gathered Guardian Families, Duke Palaces, and heroes of the realm, he slowly sat down. Though he had already predicted that this day would eventually come a hundred years ago, at this...

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