Chapter 611 - The Trembling Divine Phoenix General (Teaser)

Chapter 611 - The Trembling Divine Phoenix General

Feng Huwei was not only a supreme practitioner in the Tyrant Profound Realm, he was also a seasoned general; the fresh blood in which he had bathed in was enough to form a boundless ocean of blood. He was unaware of when he had started to forget what "fear" felt like.

However, this voice coming from who knew where… simply a voice, made all the hairs on his entire body suddenly erect, causing a chill to run up his spine....


An extremely ear-piercing sound resounded, and Feng Huwei’s eyes vaguely caught a glimpse of the space being roughly ripped by a pitch black scar… amongst everyone present, he was the only one who could see that moment where the space was ripped. A young man clothed entirely in black, whose face was cold and hard like a corpse, appeared in front of the girl like a demon. His lifeless eyes gazed indifferently at Feng Huwei who was mounted on the Fire Mastiff.

It was as if the whole world had completely congealed at this moment.

Under the gaze of this young man, the emotion of fear which had not surfaced for the past hundred years suddenly awoke like a devil breeding within General Huwei’s soul. It inflated till he could feel his chest being pressured by an extremely tall mountain. His heart completely stopped beating, even his blood stopped flowing; it was as though his entire body was in an ice cold hell, every cell violently trembled… That kind of fear even affected...

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