Chapter 610 - Forces Approaching Floating Cloud (Teaser)

Chapter 610 - Forces Approaching Floating Cloud

Profound Sky Continent. Blue Wind Nation, Floating Cloud City, Xiao Clan.

An old rattan chair sat underneath an ancient tree with dried up leaves. An old man, his head filled with white hair sat quietly on the rattan chair with his eyes closed as the morning sun shined upon him.

A man dressed in black walked into the courtyard, his footsteps were silent, his silhouette was like a monster. With just a single step, he crossed the courtyard to arrive in front of the old man… The old man in front of him was actually not fit to be called an old man, he was only sixty-one years old this year. On top of that, he was a profound practitioner, signs of aging would not leave a huge mark on his body. However, in the past few years he had aged very quickly, his hair rapidly became white. The man dressed in black stood in front of him; what he felt was not a kind of peacefulness but rather a type of loneliness and apathy.

As if he was apathetic even to death.

As if he had detected that someone had neared, the old man opened his eyes, he glanced at the youth dressed in black silently, then shut his eyes: “Xi’er is not here.”

The youth in black did not say a word. He turned around as though intending to leave quietly. At that point, a tall figure walked through the entrance of the courtyard —— it was Xiao Clan’s Clan Master Xiao Yunhai. The Xiao Yunhai who walked in glanced at the youth in black who stood there, his entire body trembled...

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