Chapter 601 - Frozen Cloud Crisis (Teaser)

Chapter 601 - Frozen Cloud Crisis

To the knowledge of all profound practitioners, the place with the most extreme flames would undoubtedly be a volcano. Within the violent fiery mountain, there would be roiling lava and, from time to time, there’d even be a sea of fire that stretched as far as the eye could see. A place like this would occasionally yield precious fire-attribute spirit treasures while it was simultaneously acted as a favored cultivation spot for some high-level profound practitioners who specialized in fire elements.

The Illusory Demon Realm and Profound Sky Continent both had volcanoes of various sizes scattered all around, but it wouldn’t be the least bit exaggerated to say a corner of this Sea of Death held a much greater area than all of these volcanoes combined.

Even an almighty Monarch would immediately turn pale when a discussion arose regarding the Sea of Death; it was a place that none dared to approach.

The activity of the fire element in this place was far beyond the limit of any profound practitioner’s imagination.

After Yun Che checked up on the Little Demon Empress’ condition, he immediately heaved a huge relieved sigh. Under normal conditions, even if he activated the Great Way of the Buddha with his full strength, it would still be difficult for him to stop the Little Demon Empress’ life from slipping away. But right now, since nature energy was ten times richer in this place, not only could he swiftly heal her injuries, he could also safely ensure she’d preserve her life… Even though her lifeline had been broken, as...

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