Chapter 590 - At That Time, We Will Not Owe Each Other Anything nor Will We See Each Other Again (Teaser)

Chapter 590 - At That Time, We Will Not Owe Each Other Anything nor Will We See Each Other Again

Yun Qinghong sighed heavily, but he did not stop Yun Che. He gave a brief nod of his head and said, “Since that is the case… Yurou, Xiao’er, go home first; I will accompany Che’er to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.”

“No need!” Yun Che hurriedly raised his hands, “Father, I am only unable to hold myself back from verifying my own guesses and instincts, that is all. It’s not like I’m going to do anything dangerous or some urgent and important matter. So you should just let me go by myself. After today’s ceremony, the rest of the Yun Family are definitely still agitated and restless. Moreover, Grandfather’s body has only just been properly returned home and everyone must be waiting for Father to come home and organize things. It is definitely not the time for you to leave the city.”

“But right now, Duke Huai Palace hates you to the very bone, and the seven Guardian Families, along with many of the Duke Palace, harbor ill-will towards you as well. If you go all by yourself… it is simply too dangerous. How about letting Mother come with you as well?” Mu Yurou said in a voice full of worry.

Yun Che knew that they would definitely be worried over his safety and said with a relaxed expression, “Please do not worry, it isn’t so easy for others to follow or detect me.”

Once his voice fell, he withdrew his presence and quietly activated “Hidden Flowing Lightning”. In an...

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