Chapter 587 - Terrifying Deduction (Teaser)

Chapter 587 - Terrifying Deduction

Even though it only looked like a small icicle, it was evident from the reaction of Mu Yubai and the rest of them just how precious and powerful this ‘icicle’ was. Mu Feiyan disregarded the reactions of his three sons and he said with a full smile on his face, “This item is called the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, and it is one of the inherited treasures of my Mu Clan. Even though it looks fairly unremarkable, when you encounter a crisis, break it apart. The released energy will instantly congeal into an incomparably hard crystal ice barrier which will persist for six hours. Once you are within that crystal ice barrier, no one should even think about trying to harm you because even if that terrific grandfather of yours was still alive, even he would not be able to break it.”

“There used to be three of these Frost Crystals of Absolute Heaven, but now there is only one left. The other two were used to save two of my predecessors’ lives,” Mu Feiyan said in a rather proud tone.

This item would form into a protective barrier that even a high-level Sovereign would not be able to break apart, and it would even last for six hours… Yun Che’s heart leaped! This was a genuine and proper life-preserving artifact! As long as he had it on his person, it was like having one more life to spare! If this was during a matter of life or death, even if no one came to help, given his current physique, a protective barrier that lasted for six hours was more than sufficient for him to help him recover both his health and his profound energy.

This was truly a treasure that he could not reject!

Mu Yubai practically stammered as he exclaimed, “My venerated Father, this Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, didn’t you say that you were… prepared… to give it to my eldest son?!”

But once these words left his mouth, Mu Yubai...

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