Chapter 568 - Victory Round (Teaser)

Chapter 568 - Victory Round

Crack… crack…

In the enormous Demon Imperial Hall, there were more than ten thousand strong practitioners from all over the world, but besides the sound of the shattered jade falling from the wall, there weren’t any other traces of sound at all… not even the sound of breathing. Everyone in the Demon Imperial Hall had already stood up with their eyes widened, mouths opened, and it was uncertain just how many jaws had almost dropped onto the ground.

Even the Little Demon Empress had already stood up from her throne, and was staring blatantly at the Hui Ran who was smashed into the wall.

Closest to the arena, standing on its edge, the eyes of Duke Huai, who had already built up his power in preparation to stop Yun Qinghong from rescuing Yun Che, bulged out, and the corners of his mouth, eyebrows, and chin, were all twitching as if they were cramping… For someone who was able to make the Little Demon Empress hesitate to mobilize against, able to make more than sixty percent of the Guardian Families and Duke Palaces abandon the Demon Emperor’s bloodline and turn to him, his manipulative manner and temperament were as imagined. But at this moment, his mind became completely chaotic and his face became crooked watching this scene.

The strength of this round of battle displayed an extreme disparity… the gap was even wider than in any of the other rounds. Hui Ran’s strength was already far stronger than Yun Che’s strength, and on top of that, Yun Che had fought five battles in a row, and his...

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