Chapter 567 - Original Win (Teaser)

Chapter 567 - Original Win

Not only was it the west wing, where the Yun Family was located, the whole hall was filled with the sound of people yelling for Yun Che to immediately abandon the competition. The whole world knew how terrifying Hui Ran was. Not only was his skill abnormally high, he was also extremely brutal and violent. People who faced him in the past were either killed or crippled; even a serious injury was considered as getting off easy.

No one would be willing to see a genius getting crippled under the hands of Hui Ran.

Those who knew about Duke Huai’s ambitions were extremely sure that if Hui Ran fought, he would definitely kill Yun Che right in the arena… now that Yun Che had almost used up all of his profound energy, he was half-kneeling on the ground. It would be impossible for him to even have any means to struggle.

The attitude Duke Huai had earlier, as if he was in control of everything, and his slight smile had already long disappeared. Since Yun Che won the third round, his expression had begun to look uneasy, and now it was even worse. The reason he suggested the competition between the east wing and west wing was to expel the Yun Family completely from the lineup of the Guardian Families, and at the same time step all over the momentum and dignity of the forces that were loyal to the Little Demon Empress.

After Su Zhizhan lost, he was laughing loudly in his heart, because everything was going just as he planned. This scenario of stomping all over his opponent had already made him picture himself becoming the Demon Illusory Emperor.

But now, he could laugh no longer.

The scenario of them enjoying the pleasure of torturing the...

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