Chapter 563 - Reversal (Teaser)

Chapter 563 - Reversal

The crimson-black devil flame quickly approached Yun Che. It was as if there was a boundless sea of flames behind him. He quickly stepped forward and swung the Heaven Smiting Sword casually. The instant the sword was swung, a ferocious wave of air was swept up and the sound of the blast was shockingly deafening.


The air became heavily distorted and a sound like cloth ripping apart rang through the hall. The fire which had blanketed the entire area was easily torn apart, and a huge vacuum appeared amidst the flames. Yun Che started to move as he rushed straight into the sea of flames. His heavy sword danced in the air, resembling a flood dragon dancing in the waves. Wherever the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword landed, it completely blasted, broke and cut away those incomparably fearsome crimson-black devil flames as a huge heavy sword energy storm wreaked havoc in the inferno. In the span of a few short breaths, the sea of fire that had blanketed the entire arena had been blasted into smithereens.

“Wha… What?!!” Duke Hui Ye’s face paled in shock and both of his hands trembled as he swiftly raised up the Obsidian Devil Sword. Three flame devils howled in an unholy cacophony as they rushed towards Yun Che.

“Phoenix Flame… Sears the Heavens!!”

The image of a phoenix flashed into life as a phoenix cry split the air and Yun Che’s entire body morphed into the form of a phoenix composed of raging flames, as he explosively charged at...

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