Chapter 559 - Duke Huai’s Murderous Intent (Teaser)

Chapter 559 - Duke Huai’s Murderous Intent

Chiyang Bailie’s brows sunk and his eyes glinted with a dangerous light, “Why? Could it be that you are harboring the delusion that you can seize my clan’s Solar Whip?”

“Oh, you’re talking about this whip?” It was now that Yun Che looked up in sudden realization. He tossed the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip over to Chiyang Bailie with a casual flick of his hand, “This whip’s not bad, especially when it’s used to whip someone’s buttocks; the sound it makes is very crisp and satisfying indeed.”

The vast majority of the people in the great hall burst out into laughter. With a single sentence from Yun Che, one of the Chiyang Family’s three ultimate weapons was reduced to a tool used to whip buttocks. Chiyang Yanwu was already furious with embarrassment and once she heard these words, her fury and embarrassment rose to new heights. If not for the fact that she had been whipped by Yun Che to the point where she was scared stiff, she wouldn’t even have been able to restrain herself and have it out with him, “You… You!!”

Yun Che pretended as if he did not even notice Chiyang Yanwu’s murderous gaze and looked like he was minding his own business before he continued, “Even though this whip isn’t bad, I would never ever have the courage to ‘seize’ it. Recently, I have been perusing the annals of the ten thousand year history of this Illusory Demon Realm, and within these records, I seem to remember that there was a mention that the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip was gifted to the Chiyang Family by the third Demon Emperor. So it seems that the Demon Emperor Clan has truly held the Chiyang Family in high regard all this time.”

“Hmph!” Chiyang Bailie kept the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip and said coldly, “The Demon Emperor Clan has always held our Chiyang...

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