Chapter 556 - Xiao Donglai’s Huge Loss (Teaser)

Chapter 556 - Xiao Donglai’s Huge Loss

Everyone gathered within the Demon Imperial Hall was broadly knowledgeable as they were the top experts from all of Demon Illusory Realm. However, not one of them had seen profound skills being sealed in ice, and they were shocked stupefied. Some people even stood up in surprise and repeatedly checked to ensure that what they were seeing was not an illusion.

Bang, bang, bang!!

Following Yun Che’s aggression, the ice-sealed storm shattered as though it were normal ice. Xiao Donglai was so shocked that he had lost any form of composure and stared blankly at the quickly approaching Yun Che. As his arms shook, a longspear appeared in his hands, then swept up a huge whirlwind. With a loud roar, he shot the spear viciously at Yun Che, and the figure of a mighty pegasus, spreading its wings and howling emerged at the tip of the spear.


The longspear shot straight through Yun Che’s figure, but all it tore apart was an afterimage. Xiao Donglai was instantly stunned... Given that his senses and perception had been thoroughly trained by his wind profound skill, he still did not detect when Yun Che had used his instantaneous movement. Luckily, his reaction speed...

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