Chapter 540 - She’s the Little Demon Empress?! (Teaser)

Chapter 540 - She’s the Little Demon Empress?!

The sky above the hall was suddenly wreathed in the light of flames as a gigantic three-legged Golden Crow appeared amidst the fiery sky. Its wings were spread wide and it let out a long cry which tore through the air. After this, the three-legged Golden Crow descended from the flames and as it descended, it left a long scarlet curtain of fire in its wake. The fire curtain descended from the top of the hall all the way to where the Emperor’s throne was. Once the three-legged Golden Crow touched the ground, it disappeared. Behind the curtain of fire, a blurry figure could vaguely be seen seated on that throne.

Everyone within the great hall uniformly rose from their seats; Yun Che was also pulled up by Yun Qinghong. After which, everyone present knelt on the ground.

“We respectfully welcome the Little Demon Empress!!”

Every single person who had to privilege to be invited to the Demon Imperial Hall were undoubtedly the strongest of the strong. The sound of one hundred thousand overlaying voices rising in reverence produced such a vastly powerful sound that it caused the ears of the weaker profound practitioners to reverberate, while also causing their internal organs to churn. And if this was just some normal hall, the power of these voices could cause it to...

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