Chapter 539 - Drawing a Clear Line (Teaser)

Chapter 539 - Drawing a Clear Line

“The Helian Family are of the Nine-headed Demon Snake race. Their current Patriarch is Helian Kuang and that Helian Peng Big Brother saw two months ago is his younger brother. The strongest of the Helian Family’s young generation is that person sitting next to Helian Peng… Helian Ba! He and the Su Family’s Su Zhizhan are the strongest among the all the juniors from the Twelve Guardian Families. However, Helian Ba is thirty-one years old this year, while Su Zhizhan is only twenty-seven, so in terms of innate talent, Su Zhizhan is slightly superior to Helian Ba.”

“Su Family?” Yun Che swept his eyes over the seating arrangements of the Twelve Families. The Twelve Families were split into two, one side east and the other west. The Helian, Chiyang, Bai, Nangong, Lin, Jiufang and Xiao Families were seated on the east side, while their own Yun Family, Mu Family, and Under Heaven Clan were seated on the west side. And the northern-most seats on the west side were labelled with the word ‘Su’, but the seats were still empty as the Su Family had not arrived yet.

“The Su Clan has arrived!”

Just at the moment Yun Che was looking in the direction of the Su Family seats, a loud, clear voice rang out from the front of the main hall. The one hundred members of the Su Family entered as one body and they directly marched over to where their seats were.

The middle-aged man who led the group came to a stop once he passed by the Yun Family. He cupped his hands towards Yun Qinghong, “Brother Yun, I hope you’ve been well?”

Yun Qinghong stood up and faintly smiled, “Everything has been splendid. Big Brother Su’s profound strength seems to have once again risen significantly, congratulations on this great news.”

“Haha, I am still far off compared to the freakish talent that is Brother Yun.” The middle-aged man laughed in a free and easy manner, “Zhizhan, hurry up and greet Uncle Yun.”

“Zhizhan greets Uncle Yun.” The youth who stood beside the middle-aged man made junior’s courtesy. His...

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