Chapter 534 - Narrowly Escaping Death (Teaser)

Chapter 534 - Narrowly Escaping Death

Yun Che’s eyes widened while his mouth completely gaped open… If his self-control was not good enough, a sound would have definitely escaped from his throat.

He had only acted on a fancy today to use Extreme Mirage Lightning to go for a spin, and then conveniently practice his sword skills. Little did he know that in this isolated and desolate place, a terrifying Sovereign Profound Realm individual would show up in the dead of night… If it was only this, he could still cope, but it was clear this individual had an extremely bad temper, so he had no choice but to hide… And this bad-tempered individual was actually a young girl… And to top it off, this young girl, before his very eyes... burned all her clothes to a crisp and was now was as naked as the day she was born!

What the heck was going on?!

If it was only an ordinary girl, it would not be the least bit exaggerated to say that given her perfect looks, she held the title of the number one beauty in the Illusory Demon Realm, so Yun Che would definitely feast his eyes on this delicate morsel. But the problem here was that this little lady’s profound strength and the aura she projected was simply too terrifying… If he was discovered before this, since there was no prior hatred or animosity, she might just let him off the hook.

But right now, if she discovers him… even he would have felt that it was abnormal if she did not rip him to shreds.

Yun Che shut his eyes with lightning speed and his heart...

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