Chapter 530 - The Terrifying Little Demon Empress (Teaser)

Chapter 530 - The Terrifying Little Demon Empress

“My two masters both changed my destiny. Without them, I might not even be alive now,” Yun Che sighed with emotion. After lamenting, he remembered the most important thing he should tell his parents, and he said promptly, “Father, Mother, didn’t you ask me where the Patriarch's Crest came from… when I was in the Profound Sky Continent, I saw grandfather!”

Yun Che’s words gave Yun Qinghong a shock. He shuddered violently, and his voice cracked, “Grandfather? Which grandfather… which grandfather?!”

“My biological grandfather, your father, the Illusory Demon Realm’s Demon King… Yun Canghai!”

“Grandfather gave me the Patriarch's Crest, and told me to bring it back to the Yun family one day.”

"Ah!" Mu Yurou gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.


The air in front of Yun Che shifted violently as Yun Qinghong rushed to him as though he had teleported. Yun Qinghong couldn’t take into consideration of his strength because of how on edge he was. He grabbed Yun Che’s arms so tightly that he almost snapped them, “You… you really saw your grandfather… where did you see him… where… where is he now… how is he doing…”

Xiao Ying’s death made his mind chaotic, and now he suddenly heard news about his father. Yun Qinghong’s soul had probably never had such extreme ups and downs in...

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