Chapter 529 - False Alarm (Teaser)

Chapter 529 - False Alarm

Yun Qinghong’s reaction was even more intense than Yun Che had expected. For a person like Yun Qinghong, even if Mt. Tai fell in front of him, he would not flinch. However, the words “friendship” and “loyalty” were things that were more important to him than his life. How could he accept the fact that his best brother in this life, who had saved his family, died because of him. With even his own family having collapsed…

Mu Yurou went to hold Yun Qinghong. In this world, she was the person who understood him the most, and she clearly knew how big of an impact this would have dealt to him. She did not comfort him, and merely cried silently along with him.

Yun Che comforted: “Father, Uncle Xiao has already passed on for twenty-two years. He might have even reincarnated already and is leading a more perfect life than his previous one, so stop blaming yourself. You are the Patriarch of the Yun Family, the support of the whole clan, the father of me and Yun Xiao. In this world, there is nothing that can knock you down.”

“I’m alright… alright… alright… alright…”

Yun Qinghong uttered four “alrights” in a row. His eyes...

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