Chapter 524 - Return of the Patriarch (Teaser)

Chapter 524 - Return of the Patriarch

The Sovereign Profound Realm was the highest realm that could be reached in the Profound Sky Continent, and it was the same in the Illusory Demon Realm. In the Illusory Demon Realm, the strong who had reached Sovereign Profound Realm were mostly from Demon Imperial City. Outside of Demon Imperial City, it was hard to even have one in a few thousand years. And even in Demon Imperial City, very few reached Sovereign Profound Realm. The number of Monarchs was the most important factor in determining how strong a family was.

And, being at the top of the profound cultivating world, Monarchs were also divided into different levels… even though early stage and mid stage Monarchs were both in the Sovereign Profound Realm, their power levels were worlds apart.

In the reputed Demon Imperial City, the famous Venerable Stone Dragon was a level two Monarch… but twenty-five years ago, Yun Qinghong… was already a level five Monarch, a real mid stage monarch; how could the Venerable Stone Dragon compete with him?!

Watching the strong Venerable Stone Dragon being defeated so easily by Yun Qinghong until he couldn’t even stand up like he was a dead dog, the Yun family’s disciples were all shocked, as if they were in a dream, and the Yun Qinghong who was floating in the air right now, in their eyes, was just like a god coming down to the mortal world.

The Elders were all stunned. Those younger generations who called Yun Qinghong the "Useless Patriarch" to his back, never had respect, never even bowed when they saw...

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