Chapter 509 - Secret Vow (Teaser)

Chapter 509 - Secret Vow

“What happened after that?” Yun Che’s hands tightened quietly as he asked in an urgent tone.

“After that… Your mother and I were tolerably dealing with the pursuit from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and had been continuously looking for a chance to return to Heavenly Sword Villa to find my father, but after another party suddenly joined in the pursuit and we were struck by the cold poison. All of this, in addition to Yurou’s pregnancy and the fact that she did not dare to use too much profound energy, caused our escape route to become incomparably difficult and treacherous. At that time, we didn’t even dare hope that we could return to the Heavenly Sword Villa because even preserving our own lives had become exceptionally difficult. I protected Yurou, while she protected the child inside her womb. Till the child’s birth half a year later, we doggedly resisted against all odds.”

“We had been married for several decades and now we finally had a child. But we could not feel any joy because our child was born in the midst of great danger. What pained your mother and I the most was that despite Yurou’s best efforts, the cold poison had invaded our child’s body. And the only comfort we had left to us was that the six months of pain Yurou had endured to protect this child did bear some fruit, the cold poison in our child was very shallow and it was not enough...

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