Chapter 501 - Returning to One’s Roots (Teaser)

Chapter 501 - Returning to One’s Roots

“That Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, can one enter it normally?” Yun Che asked.

“Of course not.” Yun Xiao decisively shook his head. “After every entry, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley would be closed by the Illusory Demon Royal Family, and then, it would be given five years to replenish its resources. Although a span of five years is short, with the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s terrifying energy of flames and thunderclouds, the nurturation of various spiritual bodies and treasures are extremely quick. Usually, the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley can never be entered, and even the Illusory Demon Royal Family themselves are not able to either.”

“Flames… thunderclouds… Since the Golden Crow’s inheritance is situated there, it’s very natural for it to contain flames. But why does lightning exist there as well?” Yun Che asked skeptically.

“I don’t know about this either. It seems like this has also been an unsolved mystery of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. I heard from father that it might be possible that a certain formidable lightning profound beast is living in a certain place within the Golden Crow’s Lightning Flame Valley. Or, it might even be due to a lightning profound treasure. But, these are all mere speculations of his.”

Yun Che nodded. Then, he looked towards the north of Demon Imperial City. Although he did not know where this Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was located, he possessed the power of a Phoenix, so he far surpassed ordinary people in sensing fire profound energy. In a certain place...

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