Chapter 495 - Number One Under Heaven (Teaser)

Chapter 495 - Number One Under Heaven

Just as Jasmine finished speaking, a fierce gust swept over from the north, and Yun Che only felt a green figure flash past. A huge man’s figure appeared into his vision from out of nowhere.

The man was dressed in green and was extraordinarily handsome. His eyes were masculine, his ears thirty percent larger than the elf girl, and he gave off an overbearing aura. Even his pair of transparent wings vibrated intensely with profound strength. Upon seeing the elf girl, he descended in a flash and landed beside her: “Old seven, you’re injured?”

“Big brother, you’re finally here!” Once she saw the tall man appear, the elf girl was finally relieved: “My injuries aren’t serious, but Brother Yun suffered serious injuries…”

“Hmph!” Seeing that his sister was alright, the muscular man let out a sigh of relief. Then he grunted coldly, turned around, and glared coldly at Yun Xiao, anger rising within him: “Yun brat! I knew it must be you! Luckily old seven is alright this time, otherwise… I will personally cripple you!”

“I…” Yun Xiao opened his mouth, but did not rebute. Instead, he looked down in shame.

“Big brother! Don’t talk to him...

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