Chapter 489 - Unknown World (Teaser)

Chapter 489 - Unknown World

“Before you leave, can you tell me the name of your race?” Jasmine said as she looked straight at the spirit. But in her heart, she could more or less guess what the answer would be.

The remnant spirit kept silent for a while, and then faintly sighed, “Well, I guess there is no harm in telling you. Perhaps you have heard of the name, or perhaps it has long been forgotten. The race I belong to is called the “Sword Spirit God Clan.”

“Ah so it was really the case!” Jasmine said as her eyebrows quivered.

“But, the little mistress, she is not one of us.” The spirit continued.

“Oh?” Jasmine’s eyes flashed in shock, “If she is not a member of the Sword Spirit Clan, then why do you address her as ‘little mistress’? And she can obviously transform into a sword! In the records, the ancient race which could transform into swords was only the ‘Sword Spirit God Clan’.”

“Back then, this was a secret within my Sword Spirit God Clan, and only four people in the entire clan, including myself, knew of this secret. All the other clansman thought that she was the daughter of our king. But the truth is, the little mistress was someone our king picked up by accident and he let it be known that she was his daughter. As to why my king did the things he did, or where my little mistress came from, all of this knowledge was lost once my king died. However, while the little mistress’ ability to transform into a sword is the same as our clan,...

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