Chapter 479 - Very Close By (Teaser)

Chapter 479 - Very Close By

Primordial Profound Ark.

Yun Che sat cross-legged in front of the stone door and stared intensely at that large hole on the stone door. Through this large hole, he could already clearly see the scenery outside.

This was the result of his consecutive fusions of ice flames for half a year. After a total of more than six hundred destructive strikes from the Ice Flame, the hole on the stone door had expanded to a size even larger than an adult’s head. However, after trying several times, it was still insufficient for him to leave this place… It was still lacking that small bit.

The Frozen End and Phoenix flames in Yun Che’s hands once again successfully fused together. Compared to the first few attempts, the time he took to fuse them this time was very short, and even the process itself was a little casually done. In half a year, from repeating more than six hundred times without rest, when he fused ice and flames, it was no longer as difficult as before. Speaking from another perspective, his understanding towards this heaven-bending law had gradually become more thorough during this process.

“This time, it will definitely succeed!”

Yun Che muttered, as he struck the ice flame in his hand towards the side of that hole.

The destruction of the ice flame was completely soundless, and as the demonic ice-blue colored flames dissipated,...

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