Chapter 476 - The Breaking of Dragon Fault (Teaser)

Chapter 476 - The Breaking of Dragon Fault

Yun Che himself, had entered an exceptionally subtle state. Suddenly, he couldn’t feel pain, nor could he hear any sounds. It was as though everything in the surroundings had all disappeared in an instant… He felt as though his body was currently floating lightly and swimming freely in the boundless sky. Between heaven and earth, and within the chaotic space, it was as though his existence was the only one which remained.

Endlessly majestic and incomparably calm forces of nature poured towards him. The forces enveloped his entire body and gushed into his body, healing his injuries, restoring his profound energy, and refining his body. These forces of energy felt familiar, yet foreign to him, and they much, much purer than before… No. It should be said that though they were the same forces of energy, it was as if they were forces of energy of another stage!

His consciousness was telling him, that his Great Way of the Buddha, had once again made a breakthrough!!

And the breakthrough this time, was completely different from the few breakthroughs in the past. The first few breakthroughs, could be said to be breakthroughs of levels within the same stage. While the breakthrough this time, that bizarre sensation, was totally a breakthrough of a large realm from a stage, to a much higher stage!

Back then, when he made a breakthrough into the third level of the Great Way of the Buddha, Jasmine had once told him that there every three levels of the Great Way of the Buddha was a watershed. The first three could be considered...

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