Chapter 475 - The Primordial Profound Ark’s Halt (Teaser)

Chapter 475 - The Primordial Profound Ark’s Halt

This time, Yun Che endured for fourteen and a half hours.

Yun Che, who was constantly in a state of complete concentration so he could resist the spatial storm, did not notice the change in the amount of time he could hold out against it. But Jasmine had calculated it precisely; even though it was only a thirty minute increase, but it was enough to reveal that Yun Che’s body and profound strength had undergone a startling number of subtle changes after he had been tempered by the last fourteen hour storm.

Once Yun Che reached critical point again, the spatial storm subsided once more.

Yun Che, who had one foot in the grave, collapsed on the floor, and began to desperately gasp for air. Then, he used forty percent of his concentration to resist the calmer spatial storm, and the other sixty to recover his profound strength and heal his wounds. Once he had recovered to a sufficient degree, the spatial turbulence started to go wild once again….

On the third try, Yun Che endured for fifteen hours!

And on the fourth, he endured close to sixteen hours….

Time, within this inescapable tiny space and a seemingly endless spatial catastrophe, slowly flowed along. In this period,...

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