Chapter 467 - The Ghost Who Won't Go Away (Teaser)

Chapter 467 - The Ghost Who Won't Go Away

“Who are you? Where are you?” Yun Che yelled with his head raised. Since the other party knew of his existence and even sound transmitted to him, then she obviously would be able to hear his voice.

But it was the same as the last two times; after the voice sounded, it fell silent, without any other sounds of speech. The third voice was also weak, and he could barely hear it, but Yun Che actually had a vague feeling… that the source of the voice was not that far from him.

“Big Brother Yun, did you hear that weird voice again?” Feng Xue’er asked.

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded, then consoled her: “Don’t be scared Xue’er, it could just be my misconception due to me being too nervous. This place is so ancient and quiet, there shouldn’t be anyone here.”

“With Big Brother Yun by my side, I’m not scared at all.” Feng Xue’er said while beaming. Thinking about what she said previously, her expression dimmed once again as she asked faintly: “Big Brother Yun, is the other Lord Phoenix God still well?”

“Should be still well.” Yun Che pondered, then replied: “The phoenix spirit I had encountered had told me before that it was weaker than your Divine Phoenix Sect’s phoenix spirit. Your phoenix god had suffered heavy injuries back then, and has already passed away. As for the one I encountered, even though it isn’t dead yet,...

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