Chapter 458 - Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation (Teaser)

Chapter 458 - Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation

The frivolity in Ye Xinghan’s voice was extremely heavy, and his eyes were even more so, filled with naked lust. During the Ranking Tournament yesterday, although he was arrogant, it was definitely not to such extent. Under his gaze, Feng Xue’er instantly felt uncomfortable throughout her entire body, as she replied. “Due to Young Hall Master Ye’s esteemed position, Xue’er does not dare to refer to you in such a casual manner… If Young Hall Master Ye does not have any other matters, then Xue’er will continue to sight-see.”

After saying that, just as Feng Xue’er was about to turn around and no longer pay Ye Xinghan another mind, Ye Xinghan, however, said smilingly. “Little Sister Xue’er, don’t be in such a rush to leave. This young master has a very important matter to talk about… Three years ago, this young master has heard of Little Sister Xue’er’s reigning beauty, incomparable by anyone else in the world, hence, I have always wished to personally witness Little Sister Xue’er’s fairy-like appearance. Above the stage yesterday, under the watchful eyes of the masses, even though this young master holds this strong wish, I could not bear to have Little Sister’s fairy-like appearance be tainted by the eyes of a bunch of mortals.”

“Then I wonder if, little Xue’er is able to fulfill this young master’s wish today?”

“Please forgive Xue’er for refusing. Xue’er’s looks are crude, and difficult to enter Young Hall Master’s eyes.” Feng Xue’er...

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