Chapter 456 - Conspiracy Within the Profound Ark (Teaser)

Chapter 456 - Conspiracy Within the Profound Ark

“You want to venture alone? No! Definitely not!” Feng Hengkong unhesitantly shook his head. “The world within this profound ark is strange and unclear, and even royal father has to be extremely careful in this place. In case we encounter some sort of danger, you have to stay by royal father’s side at every given moment, otherwise, royal father definitely won’t be able to feel at ease.”

“But, royal father had said before that this place can be considered the absolute safest place in the entire Primordial Profound Ark, while the place royal father is currently heading to, is instead more dangerous. If Xue’er is only going to play around in the surroundings, isn’t that much safer?” Feng Xue’er said with a soft voice.

“This…” Feng Hengkong blanked, but still shook his head afterwards. “Xue’er, ever since you were young, you have never left Divine Phoenix City, nor have you ever gone to a dangerous place alone. Hence, royal father isn’t able to feel at ease at all if we leave you alone.”

“Mn. Xue’er knows. Xue’er has grown up in the protection of royal father and the various elders since childhood. But, Xue’er has to grow up someday, and can’t be under royal father’s protection for everything she’s going to do in her life. This year, Xue’er is already sixteen years old, and she has long been at the age where she should be able to make her own decisions, and train herself. Incidentally, isn’t this place a very good start? Could it be that royal father wishes for Xue’er to grow up under protection forever, and not find her own world forever?...

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