Chapter 450 - Conclusion (Teaser)

Chapter 450 - Conclusion

“Royal father, Great Elder, royal brother… Perhaps, it’s Xue'er who is too childish and cannot understand your world. Because in Xue'er’s world, it is indeed you guys that are wrong. Divine Phoenix Nation is the leader of the seven nations. From Xue'er’s understanding, a leader is supposed to be respected by people, not merely feared. Xue'er also does not understand the honor and dignity that you guys speak about. From Xue'er’s understanding, honor and dignity is not strength that is admired by people, but instead is having the magnanimity to accept all things in the world, being loved by all, and possessing the kindness and forgiveness to forgive all that erred.”

“Therefore, if royal father wants Xue'er to defeat Yun Che…” Feng Xue'er looked at Yun Che and gently said: “Xue'er… surrenders.”

Everyone in Divine Phoenix Sect was stunned as they looked at one another. If these words came from any other disciple, including Feng Xiluo, it would have been treated as outrageous, and even Feng Hengkong would explode on the...

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