Chapter 438 - Dragon Fault, Divine Phoenix (Teaser)

Chapter 438 - Dragon Fault, Divine Phoenix

An Emperor Profound sword, an Emperor Profound lance; just the mere aura of the two Emperor Profound weapons distorted the air above the Phoenix Stage. Feng Xiluo shifted his eyes, glancing at Yun Che’s Dragon Fault as his brows slightly raised… The Divine Phoenix Lance in his hands had more than three thousand years of history, experienced numerous battles and refining, and had long ago developed a consciousness. Only the strongest practitioner of Divine Phoenix Sect’s young generation was worthy of possessing it. Once the Divine Phoenix Lance came out, numerous other lances would tremble.

But at this moment on the Phoenix Stage, Dragon Fault’s aura was actually mutually contending against it, with both sharing the limelight! The Divine Phoenix Lance that he was immensely proud of, was actually unable to suppress a Blue Wind practitioner’s Emperor Profound heavy sword!

But very quickly, his attention shifted away from Dragon Fault. Forget about the Emperor Profound sword in his hands, even if it was a Tyrant Profound sword, he would not still not care. He used one hand to casually support the lance as his other hand stretched out toward Yun Che. With an entire body full of openings while not concealing the contempt he had for Yun Che, he said: “Make your move, it is beneath my dignity to make the first move against a bastard who overestimated his abilities.”

“Really? I just happen to feel the oppos...

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