Chapter 427 - Supreme Ocean Palace: Ji Qianrou (Teaser)

Chapter 427 - Supreme Ocean Palace: Ji Qianrou

Ling Kun received the ring. After sweeping a glance at the things inside, his eyes flashed with an unconcealable hint of excitement. He didn’t return the spatial ring to Ye Xinghan and instead put it away with a smile: “Young Hall Master is indeed straightforward, looks like this old man calling Young Hall Master to do such a transaction was indeed a choice that couldn’t be more right.. That woman has just turned nineteen this year, and is in Blue Wind Nation.”

“Blue Wind?” Ye Xinghan revealed astonishment, then snorted faintly: “That tiny little place where one would feel as though they were lowering their status if they went there, is actually able to produce one who possess the godly body of legends, ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’? Elder Ling, are you certain that it was the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’?”

Ye Xinghan’s last sentence had a distinct hint of a warning overtone. Blue Wind Nation was an inferior land that regarded the Emperor Profound as its summit, making him completely unable to believe that it could have any relationship with the “Nine Profound Exquisite Body” that was difficult to find even once every ten thousand years. Ling Kun’s expression didn’t change at all as he said lowly: “If I wasn’t certain, even if I had more courage, I wouldn’t dare do this transaction with Young Hall Master. If Young Hall Master uses this Nine Profound Exquisite Body as a incubator, it is...

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