Chapter 424 - Phoenix City (Teaser)

Chapter 424 - Phoenix City

Yun Che descended from Absolute Phoenix Cliff, left the Phoenix Mountain Range, pondered for a bit, and then directly returned to Divine Phoenix City, heading straight toward Phoenix City.

Phoenix City was located in the south-western area of Divine Phoenix City. While belonging to Divine Phoenix City, it also existed independently, and was a special city within a city. Just like the Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace, Phoenix City was also the core base of Divine Phoenix Sect. The difference being, one was the core of authority, and the other was the core of force. While the two, both possessed incomparably strong deterrence force.

Within Phoenix City, there was a place called Phoenix Realm, which was the place where the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament had always been conducted at.

Nearing Phoenix City, a sense of pressure that made one palpate, and a distinctly scorching air surged against one’s face. Above the gigantic city gate was a huge, majestic, awe-inspiring phoenix. Yun Che stopped in his steps, but didn’t walk inside. As a tournament participant, he ought to have dwelling places that were already arranged, but there would certainly be a great deal of uncertain factors if he moved in here, since his identity was special. Him coming this time, was only to scout out the location. After confirming the...

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