Chapter 422 - Complete Profound Formula (Teaser)

Chapter 422 - Complete Profound Formula

World Ode of the Phoenix’s fundamental formula flowed into Yun Che mind. What throbbed first was not Yun Che’s mind, but the Heretic God’s fire seed. A flame also starting burning within Yun Che’s mind, gradually imprinting the drifting profound formula firmly into his soul.

The requisites to learning the World Ode of the Phoenix, required having the Phoenix bloodline. Even when possessing the Phoenix bloodline, it would still take a very long time to comprehend the fundamental formula of the World Ode of the Phoenix. This was because the World Ode of the Phoenix was essentially a profound art that belonged at the plane of gods, the flame laws it contained were far above that of ordinary profound flames. Even the weakest first to six stages required an immense difficulty for the user to perfectly comprehend, and was absolutely not something ordinary profound arts could compare to.

But towards Yun Che, this wasn’t at all a concern. That was because the existence of the Heretic God’s fire seed allowed him to easily understand and comprehend laws of fire of any shape and form. With the Heretic God’s fire seed, Yun Che’s current body was like an unpolished jade that could be sculpted at will. Even if it was this powerful World Ode of the Phoenix, the process of comprehension would be as simple as directly carving it into his body.


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