Chapter 414 - Trading a Life for a Life (Teaser)

Chapter 414 - Trading a Life for a Life

“Run, why aren’t you running? Have you resigned to your fate, or have you already been scared witless?” Feng Chihuo laughed wildly: “Forget it, I ought to end our game of cat chasing mouse by now. Even though I spent so much time on you, with such an unexpected harvest, I can’t say that I've suffered any losses. I’ve even heard that you’re the Blue Wind Emperor’s son-in-law… Tsk, tsk. If that damned emperor of Blue Wind Nation and the other inferior nations were to know that a mighty prince consort was a demon from Illusory Demon Realm, I’m not sure how marvelous of a reaction they would have… Haha…”

After laughing to his content, Feng Chihuo’s face suddenly became darkened: “Even though I'm not going to kill you, once I give you to Sect Master… I’ll make you live a life worse than death! The debts you incurred after playing tricks on me… I’ll properly calculate them now!”

Feng Chihuo suddenly swooped down from the sky. With a sudden wave of his arm, a six meter wide column of fire instantly shot downwards. Just as it was about to approach Yun Che, it changed into a fire phoenix that danced in midair. As the temperature boiled, it nearly melted the ground.

Yun Che was not the least bit afraid of phoenix fire, but the profound energy attack of a high level Throne was still within the flame. Yun Che’s complexion grew grim as he instantly raised Dragon Fault. With a loud roar, the heavy sword force swung upwards...

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