Chapter 413 - Profound Handle Exposed (Teaser)

Chapter 413 - Profound Handle Exposed

The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament was in more than ten days, and the influx of people coming in Divine Phoenix City could be said to be increasing day by day. At this time, how could the city gates suddenly be sealed off?

The greatest possibility was that Feng Chihuo was angry that he couldn’t find him through the entire night. Since he was angry to the point where he would have fainted and revived several times, he contacted Feng Xichen to pass down an order to temporarily seal off the city gates, allowing people to enter but not leave.

Yun Che moved two steps back. A few ideas quickly flashed through his mind, then, he suddenly accelerated, forcefully knocking the two city guards aside as he charged forward.

“Stop him!!"

Yun Che’s action was no different from poking a hornet’s nest. Several tens of city guards nearby immediately rushed over. Yun Che lifted Dragon Fault and swept across without even looking at his surroundings. The might of the berserk heavy sword was like a Doomsday windstorm that ruthlessly scattered the besieging city guards flying. They couldn’t get up for a long while, and even the weapons in their hands had been instantly destroyed.

The fact that the sky was only slightly bright, added to the fact that no one would dare be impetuous in Divine Phoenix City, meant that the city guards were relatively weak. Even though they had received the order to blockade the city, the city gates were still wide open, not shut. After Yun Che swept away the obstacles, without waiting for them to react, he had already rushed out of the city gates with an extremely fast speed. As he stepped outside the city, he...

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