Chapter 409 - One Kneel (Teaser)

Chapter 409 - One Kneel

“You don’t have bother saying all that to distract me.” Yun Che said coldly as he exerted more pressure on the body beneath his foot: “Give me the medicinal powder in your hands too. A mere illusion poison like Dream Butterfly is useless against me!”

The “young woman’s” pupils suddenly seemed to contract for a split second as she felt the danger of the situation. The person in front of her had eyes like ice mirrors, it was the first time in her life she had felt such a dreadful sensation of not being able to hide. What she said about being chased by Overlords was exactly for the purpose of distracting Yun Che, and there was indeed a poison powder between the gaps of her right hand fingers.

All these, had actually been seen through!

Especially the Dream Butterfly, which was an odorless and formless hallucinogen, that was between tightly gripped between her fingers without the slightest hint of being visible… it had actually been called out!

“Who… exactly are you?” The “young woman” asked: “You’re obviously not from the Divine Phoenix Sect, yet you can utilize phoenix flames… You ought to truly have come from Blue Wind Nation… But how can Blue Wind Nation have such a person like you…”

Yun Che’s gaze was crystal clear, and only gazed at him coldly. The person beneath his foot knew that she did not have the right to question him, and barely managed to gasp out: “My disguise had never been seen through by anyone… Can you tell me how exactly you saw me through?”


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