Chapter 403 - Black Moon’s Seventh Floor (Teaser)

Chapter 403 - Black Moon’s Seventh Floor

Upon entering the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, before he had even seen it clearly, a current of extremely refreshing air assaulted his senses… Right! It was actually clean, refreshing air! For an enormous merchant guild, the strongest aroma it ought to have would be a simple and dignified odor, but Yun Che actually felt as if he had suddenly been placed within a completely clean and pure natural environment, without the least bit of feeling like he was within a merchant guild.

He opened his eyes and looked toward the front. Astonishingly, a garden as far as he could see appeared before his eyes. Various kinds of brightly colored rare and unusual botany sprinkled within the emerald green as a great tree towered above. The running stream criss-crossed inbetween, bringing along the unceasing murmurs of running water.

A dazzled thought instantly emerged within Yun Che’s consciousness… was this something built inside Black Moon’s seventh floor?

This was obviously an otherworldly utopia from the fairy realm!

Up ahead, three beautiful and graceful young maidens who wore different colored garments walked toward Yun Che. None of their looks were not one in ten thousand, and their bearing was even more luxuriously poised. Their profound strength aura was strong to at most the Sky Profound!

The three young women came to Yun Che’s front...

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