Chapter 398 - Feng Hengkong (Teaser)

Chapter 398 - Feng Hengkong

Divine Phoenix Sect was the biggest sect within the Profound Sky Continent. Even though its overall strength was a bit inferior to that of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, based on its scale, no sect in the entire Profound Sky Continent could reach its size. It was also the only sect in the Profound Sky Continent that was qualified to challenge the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

At the same time, Divine Phoenix Sect possessed the only specialty within the continent: It was a sectoral force, and also an imperial force! The Divine Phoenix Sect had two core bases, one was Phoenix City, the other was the Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace! And the entire outer branches of the sect extended throughout all of the Divine Phoenix Nation; without exception, it was this region’s overlord.

Divine Phoenix Sect unquestionably possessed the strongest force within the Profound Sky Seven Nations, as well as the highest of political power. Furthermore, these two aspects were both overwhelming. The other six nations gave the Divine Phoenix Empire secret offerings, all without exception… especially the weakest Blue Wind Nation.

Divine Phoenix Imperial Palace.

Feng Hengkong, a name known to everyone that thoroughly resounded through the Profound Sky with prestige above the world. Because he was currently sect master of the Divine Phoenix Sect, and also the emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire. He possessed an unrivalled profound...

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