Chapter 397 - Explosion of Wealth (Teaser)

Chapter 397 - Explosion of Wealth

“Dad… Save… Save me… Save me… I don’t want to die… Dad… Save me… Save me!!”

Xiao Kuangyun tightly hugged onto Xiao Juetian’s thigh. His entire body was trembling, his four limbs had long gone limp under intense fear, and he was unable to stand up at all. As a Young Master of Xiao Sect who usually enjoy an extravagant life, undoubtedly, he was extremely afraid of death. However, in the past, there had never been anything that could cause him to feel the threat of death, there were simply only people that feared him.

Xiao Juetian looked at his own son who was actually frightened to the point he had lost control of his bowels. His upright expression turned purple, wishing that he could kick him away. However, he was after all his own biological son, and he was even his most loved one. No matter what, he was unable to stand still and look at him die in Yun Che’s hands. He took a deep breath, and said to Yun Che with a cupped fist. “Little brother Yun, this humble Xiao clearly knows about the grudge between you and my unfilial son as well. That year, my unfilial son had set up a despisable ugly incident, however… However, at least, little brother Yun and your esteemed family are all safe and sound. The sin of my unfilial son, cannot be considered to one that results in death either. I request that little brother Yun, as a great man, be broad-minded, and spare my unfilial son. This humble Xiao will definitely remember this gratitude by heart, and will definitely greatly...

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