Chapter 377 - Change in the Imperial City (Teaser)

Chapter 377 - Change in the Imperial City

The joyous atmosphere enveloping the entire city, which was brought about by the grand marriage of Yun Che and Cang Yue, had yet to be completely dispersed when astonishing news arrived from within the Imperial Palace...

Two days after the grand marriage of Yun Che and Cang Yue, Cang Wanhe suddenly issued the order to arrest the crown prince and the third prince, locking them within the maximum security prison. Later, he personally enumerated dozens of crimes, which actually included the shocking crimes of "rebellion" and "patricide." Then, after three days, Crown Prince Cang Lin, and Third Prince Cang Shuo were publicly beheaded, and all the other members of their camps were also arrested and eliminated without exception.

Cang Wanhe had acted in an unparalleled calm manner till now after recovering a few months ago, and seized back the authority of an emperor under Yun Che's influence. However, as soon as Yun Che and Cang Yue got married, he suddenly took drastic actions. He didn't hesitate to use all the means at his disposal to show the determination and mercilessness of an emperor. It seemed as if he had already decided on doing so and was just waiting for the right opportunity. Seeing such an attitude from Cang Wanhe, all the other princes, as well as the influential factions and officials that had originally preferred to side with the crown prince and third prince, felt themselves in danger as their hearts trembled in fear. Now that Cang Wanhe had Yun Che's support, the deterrent force of his authority was absolutely no less than that of the Three Major Sects. They didn't have any guts at all to defy or disobey Cang Wanhe at this point. Fortunately, after beheading the crown prince and third prince, as well as their group members, Cang...

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