Chapter 364 - Wedding Date (Teaser)

Chapter 364 - Wedding Date

“Father, why… why did you suddenly bring this up?” Cang Wanhe’s words caused Cang Yue to be at a loss for a moment. Forcefully tugging onto Cang Wanhe’s clothes, half of her expression was filled with anxiousness… However, the eyes she quietly cast on Yun Che, revealed expectations that she was making an utmost effort to hide.

As long as one was not an idiot, anyone would clearly understand what Cang Wanhe’s words meant. And when he said these words, Cang Yue was just beside him. With her here, obviously, Yun Che was unable to prevaricate. His lips moved, his gaze made a slight contact with Cang Yue’s eyes, and then, he said with a serious expression. “Your Majesty, Senior Sister and I are mutual in our love, we have once experienced a tribulation of life and death together, and have once made a lifetime promise. However, back then, I did not know that Senior Sister Xueruo was actually Princess Cang Yue. I, Yun Che, am only of common birth. As long as senior sister is willing, as long as your majesty does not mind, in this lifetime of mine, I will definitely use my life to protect senior sister, and will never betray her.”

“Junior Brother Yun…” Cang Yue’s lips trembled, her beautiful eyes instantly turned misty.

“Good! Hahahaha!” Cang Wanhe nodded strongly, and then, he laughed out loud with his head raised. “Yun Che, with these words of yours, we can finally put down the biggest worry of my life. For your own relatives, you could exterminate the entire Burning Heaven Clan in anger without a single hesitation. From this, we know that you’re definitely a righteous person who...

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