Chapter 363 - The Tempo of a Forced Marriage (Teaser)

Chapter 363 - The Tempo of a Forced Marriage

Not long after Xia Qingyue had left, the room door opened once again. Xiao Lingxi had rushed into the room hurriedly, and behind her was Xiao Lie with an equally anxious expression.

“Little Che, you’re awake!” Xiao Lingxi made a flying pounce: “How are you feeling now? Anywhere feeling uncomfortable?”

Yun Che had already finished changing. He jumped off his bed and replied easily: “Don’t worry, I’m alright. I was only weak, and did not suffer any injuries. I’ve mostly recovered after two days of sleep.”

Yun Che’s movements were swift and stable, his face also did not seem to show any peculiarities. Xiao Lingxi finally heaved a sigh of relief. As Xiao Lie walked over, he smiled and said: “It’s good if you’re alright. Don’t act tough just to assure us.”

Yun Che pounded his chest and replied confidently: “Please rest assured, Grandpa. At the Bluefire Region, you have already personally witnessed my body’s recovery abilities… Are you used to living here so far?”

Xiao Lie smiled and replied while appearing to be lost in his thoughts: “I have lived excellently here. To visit the Imperial City has always been a wish of mine. Never would I dare imagine that not only...

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