Chapter 357 - Tit for Tat (Teaser)

Chapter 357 - Tit for Tat

“This fellow is at the sixth level of the Emperor Profound Realm! Furthermore, he has reached this stage for a long amount of time. His profound strength is intense and carries an incredibly sharp aura.” Jasmine cautioned: “Never would I expect that on this land, there is actually someone within the middle levels of the Emperor Profound Realm. With your current strength, you wouldn’t even be considered an opponent to him.”

Middle levels of the Emperor Profound Realm?

Yun Che glanced to his south and his face tensed up. Hearing Jasmine’s words, Yun Che immediately thought of one person… At the same time, he also remembered Ling Jie’s warning.

Blue Wind Empire’s top profound practitioner —— Ling Tianni!!!

Within the Blue Wind Empire, only Ling Tianni would possess such strength!

Ling Jie’s initial warning had come true… Not only that, it was even more severe than what he had warned. Not only did Ling Tianni intervene, he’d even personally came to the Imperial City, and told everyone he was going to take Yun Che’s life!

Ling Tianni, the previous villa master of Heavenly Sword Villa. He was the most pinnacle of legends within Blue Wind Empire, widely recognized as the strongest person within the country. Since young, he had been well known to all and had an insane love for the sword. Twenty years ago, he...

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