Chapter 354 - Devoid of All Life (Teaser)

Chapter 354 - Devoid of All Life

From top to bottom, Burning Heaven Clan no longer had the strength worthy to battle with Yun Che. Even though there were still tens of thousands of disciples, it still wouldn’t cause any threat to Yun Che even if their numbers were to double. Following Burning Heaven Elders' roars, everyone stepped on their fears of annihilation and the grief of the clan’s destruction. Uttering howls after howls of wolf like sounds, they grabbed their weapons and rushed toward Yun Che.

Yun Che raised up his head, his gaze sweeping toward the quickly nearing crowd; there wasn’t a single hint of fluctuation on his tranquil expression. Ahead of him, the last thirteen elders of Burning Heaven Clan rushed up altogether. Amidst despair, grief, and indignation, their expressions were completely distorted, their eyes stared round to the extent of almost bursting. Carrying various degrees of injuries on their body, they erupted a strength far surpassing their ordinary selves.

Yun Che unfeelingly raised the gigantic sword and stepped forward… which was also the first step of today’s massacre! And it was more so the first step to send Burning Heaven Clan into the abyss of total annihilation.


The thirteen Burning Heaven Elders only wished that they could perish together with Yun Che; facing Yun Che’s strike,...

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